How To Access Restricted Websites From Anywhere We Live

Internet is such a good place for searching and getting everything we need. It’s full with millions of contents that keep increasing every day. We could find anything including news, movies, games and anything. This place is supposed to be free without any restriction. Sadly, there are still many people who cannot access some sort of contents because of region restricted. There are so many reasons why this thing is happening and the main reason might be because of piracy. But that could not a reason for banning people to not see it.

If you still not able to access few things there and there, there are few ways that are available to sort of our problems. These kind of things will let you to see or get any restricted content from and where any region. The process is also really simple and the fair users even able to do it easily. Some our choices would be VPN, Hola, and DNS services. We are going to see it further on this article. The services are available in free and paid, so do not worry about it. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.


VPN is such a great option for this case. The application will give us traffic through an encrypted connection that completely undetected. It means that people or website will not be able to track any our data and giving us change better privacy and safer environment. The process here is very simple, if we want get blocked content on US, then you should connected into a US based server. That is what VPN is.

Each company is giving their own feature and different servers. Here, the more servers we have, the better content is available. The service itself is divided into paid and free services. The free one is usually limited on feature and time while paid version is fully featured and having lot of options.

There are so many great choices outside there including of Tunnerbear, SurfEasy, and StrongVPN. Each of them is having their own pros and cons. You basically need their application and you are ready to be connected. I do not have any personal recommendation here and other choices will also good as long as you are okay with it. They usually give us a trial mode for some period. You can use it as the chance for testing their feature and service. So, feel free to search around. Make sure to pick the best one for you.

DNS Services

DNS Services

Some of banned services are available to access only with DNS modification. But, this case is not always working especially if the service is featured a good protection. So, just modify of your DNS server on your computer and then you might be able to access some restricted sites such as Netflix. The process is fairly similar like VPN where we use of some kind of tunnel.

It feels great and easy. Its easy because the process is simple and we do not need to spend our money. But once again, the service is not always working that simple. For such a long time I have used of Tunlr, but now the access has been shut down. There are other choices such as UnoDNS and Unblock-Us, but you have to pay around 5 dollars each month. I do not really recommend it and VPN is better choice for a paid service. If you find any good one and free outside, then it should be good choice. Be sure to check of them later.


Hola has been becoming of people number one choice. Its featured in many of forms including of application and extension for browser. The service is completely free and that is the main reason why people prefer to have it. I have tested of Netflix and it works very well. Be sure to turn off of Hola when you do not need it because I heard that they are sharing your bandwidth. Just turn it off and you would be free from any problem. Another alternative is finding other plugins for Firefox or Chrome.

Final Thought

Those are my top recommendation on this case. Accessing blocked content is not something that hard to do. You basically getting three choices here and each of them are offering their feature and functionality. Just try each of it to know which one is better for your needs. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading our article and please leave any comment or suggestion below.

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