How To Choose The Right Roku Streaming Box For Your Needs

Streaming boxes are becoming more and more popular right now. This kind of thing has become the main source of entertainment at our home. There are so many reasons why it’s happened. I guess the main reason is because of the price. Yeah, streaming device is considered as cheap approach than buying of new computer. The price is only for around under 100 dollars and you could start use of Netflix and many other online video services. What you need here is only a TV with HDMI slot and your problem is solved.

Still, finding a good one of our needs would be tough. One of the most popular now around the market is coming from Roku. Now, Roku has just refreshed their lines and having different types of options. Yeah, there are four choices that you have made here. There are express, sticks, ultra and even premier. You should really take close each of them because it offers you different specs and features. We are going to talk about it more on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

The Cheapest Option : Express

Express model is the cheapest option that is available here. The price itself is 30 dollars and I should say price is worth at all because of its feature. If you are looking for only a streaming device and not really that care for the specs, then the model is made for you.

The specification on the device is not that much, but good enough to stream of 1080P video. It features of video support of 1920by 1080 resolution with Dolby audio support. There is also WIFI support and voice recognition for searching anything. You could also cast of the video from your smartphone into the device. I have checked all of its features and all of them are working greatly. One note here, the audio quality is not that great even though it’s supported by Dolby, but I cannot make any complain since price itself is really cheap.

More Power With Stick Model

More Power With Stick Model

They are line up products are confusing in some parts and many people will be easily fall into it. Sometimes people just buy a product without knowing anything much about it. On this case, Stick version is not so different beside than now the device is directly connected to the TV and not using a cable. I guess that is the reason why the company called it as stick.

Everything is so familiar here beside than more features such as quad core processor and Miracast support. The only big difference here is located on the power. You have quad core processor now and mean surfing and watching videos will be smoother and better. Just buy it only if you need better performance and not recommended if you do need that all.

Premiere Model With 4K Support

Premier Model With 4K Support

The next choice will be the Premier model. As you could see now, the device is not just a stick, but also come in bigger case. The look is very familiar on what we see on the Apple TV. The build quality is good I do not find any complain for the design. Premier one supports of 4K video streaming and any 4K video resolution works greatly without any lag or stuttering. Make sure you have 4K TV support before buying it.

Its price is 80 dollars and not that worth, if we are not having a 4K TV since the feature would be so useless. As for other feature, everything is once again really familiar and even they throw one of its best such as point anywhere WIFI remote. I have no idea what they think and it just keep make us confuse on choosing.

The Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra

At price 130 dollars, this one is considered as the most expensive products coming from this company. It supports of USB slots we can plug in any drive with any video on the inside. The voice search from remote is great and typing is not needed. An optical audio input is there, but I cannot test it since we do not have the supported device.

I could say, the rest of additional functions are so easy to remember. If find it useful, then you should get it to put at your living room. If not, then stay away and get the basic version since price is cheaper. Just take your time on finding which one is better and soon you find the right model for you and your family.

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