How To Pick Right Monitors For Our Personal PC

For many people who spend of their most time in the front of computer, buying the right monitor is needed in order to make everything better. In gaming for example, few things such as screen resolution, refresh rate and viewing angle are so important for making everything in the right track. We cannot just buy one of them without thinking much about it.

My friend has just buy a monitor without know much about it. The result is worst because the input lag is big and some of his games are not playable at all because of the lag. This case is one consideration for picking better monitor. I guess you do not want your money is useless because what you have bought is something different than you think.

Picking one of them is very simple as long as you know what you are doing. There are few things you should know before jump into it. We are going to talk about it on our article and it might interest you to see it deeper. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Screen Size

The size of screen is making so much different on your activities. It’s basically a personal choice, but bigger and smaller one is giving so much effect here. For someone who works on graphics related purpose like editing video and intensive gaming larger screen is a great choice. it would be so different when we do lot of work at the same time. There, multiple model is recommended and not only based on the size. There are few things are important and should be based on our needs.

At last, if you do not use the PC for intensive work and gaming, then any big one is not needed and would not worth for the price. Just make sure you know about everything and you should get the best one.



Brightness for each screen is different to each other. Some of models have high brightness level where other types of them are common and not too bright. Its much similar on what we see on smartphone. You probably know that Amoled display is so bright and vibrant. There are some people prefer to have of IPS one because of that reason. This is also happened on monitor even though the similarity is not that much.

Brightness level itself is measured with candela per square meter. Rating which is greater than 200 cd should be good enough for all of users. You could not see this explanation on the box, so looking further to the specs is needed to make it sure. I recommend of display with better brightness since it has better color and contrast.

Viewing Angles

Viewing Angles

Viewing angle refer to the image distortion that happened when the LCD screen is looked or viewed from side or non-ideal angle. So basically, when you see a display from right or left side, you will see difference in color and images quality. That is what we called as viewing angles. The most perfect viewing angle is 180 degree, but not all people want it. We as normal user only need of 140 degrees minimum and that is more than enough.

You should think about it if you are a photographer or a designer. Here, you might want to give look of your work to your friends, so better viewing angles is needed, so they would see it better from the side. Everything is back on you on deciding it.

Respond Time

Respond Time

The monitor is taking time to refresh of their pixels from any color to color. At that time there is a lag between these colors changes and we called it as response time. You probably notice when you press the button on your controller, the characters in game does not move at the same time you press the button. That is basically what respond time do to us.

Any common gamer is not really thinking about it, but a professional gamer is taking it seriously because the game performance is depending on it. If you are gamer, then look for monitor with 8ms or faster response in order getting the maximum experience.

Final Thought

That is all I can talk about it. We find that there are few things necessary think before we buy any of them. I just hope the information is useful for you. Please leave any comment or suggestion in the comment session. At last, thank you and see you on the next article.

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