How To Search Everything In One Place With Roku Search

I have just bought of Roku boxes few months ago and its turned to be a great buy. Now, I can just plug it in into my TV and play my favorite show from Netflix or Hulu. In the past, I always do it through my computer, but that is worth at all to turn of computer for just streaming a video. Then, I try to buy of Chromecast because of my friend recommendation and once again find another problem. Here, I need to always connected to my smartphone and it drains my battery. So Roku is my best choice for now.

Even though everything is working greatly without any issue, navigating on finding the right show or movie is tough for some reasons. The main reason is because the lack of input device for typing. We basically could not connect the keyboard since some of models are not supported by Bluetooth or USB slot. Luckily, they have voice recognition and you should depend on it for searching everything. That is what we are going to talk about on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Voice Search With Remote

Voice Search With Remote

If you own of Roky Ultra, 3, or 4 versions, then you should find of some kind of glass icon on the remote control. Just find it under the down arrow button if you cannot find it. There, just hold the button and put the remote near of your mouth. Search anything by saying what you want to watch. The application will start the search based on what you just entered. It’s simple and works greatly.

Everything is though if you do not have the microphone feature on the remote. Well, there is a search button on the screen, but honestly typing using screen keyboard is really that clumsy. It’s even better on searching it with our smartphone.

Finding specific episode for some kind of shows are not able to do with only one search. So, after the searching, you have to scroll it down until you find the right one. I have tried once to watch of Doctor Strange, but fail since I do not have any Amazon Prime subscription. The video will launch automatically as soon as you tap if you have the subscription.

Roku is basically the device what streamers want. The service is not just limited to any service and means you could watch anything you want such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and even Youtube Red. Some of other devices I found are limited, but here everything is so much different.

Searching Through The Phone

Searching Through The Phone

The basic model of Roku is not offering us a chance for voice search on the remote control. Finding shows with voice is impossible, but do not worry because we can still do it with using of our smartphone. What we basically need is installing their official app which is free to download. Just go to the app store for IPhone users and Play Store for Android one.

Roku Search

Once you downloaded and installed the application, you would be greeted by their simple and great interface. The choices are places in box and navigating through them is easy and fast. On the top of it, there is a search button and you should click that icon for start searching. Just type with onscreen button or click the microphone button on the top right corner. The result is going to be shown once you finish the search. Pick any shows on its search and it launches your Roku. I find it better and faster and doing any conventional method. The application is not that perfect at this time, but still worth for trying. The app size is not that much, so you are not getting any problem on installing it.

Final Thought

The device is appeared to be a live saver for many people. The product is cheap and easy to get. You might find some problems there and there, but I have to say that Roku is worth for everyone. I have told you the easiest for navigating search on it and this is the right time for you to test it. I just hope the information is useful. At last, thank you for reading our article and please leave any comment or suggestion below. See you again

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