How To Activate Of Gaming Mode In Windows 10

I have to say that Windows 10 is getting better and better on its every update. In the past, many people complain about the performance and some issues there and there. But now that kind of problem is nowhere to find and the improvement is really here. The improvement is great even though some of cases are still left and they seem not really focus on it. I am so happy with Microsoft solution toward their each problem. The only left for me is basically is the improvement on gaming performance. The performance in Windows 8 and 7 is better and I hope they can make it better and this Window might be perfect for me.

There are so games which the performance is worst here. I made the test between and after the update and I could see the difference. For worst case, my older games even are not working properly even though I force it to the compatibility mode. It’s tough in my opinion.

There is an update which is basically worth to see. They included of what they called as gaming mode on the newest version. For now, let’s just see how it works and find the way to activate it in our system.

What Game Mode Is?

What Game Mode Is

Basically, this mode is telling the system to focus on the game rather put their research on other process. As the result, we see the better FPS or result in many games. If your system or RAM is running of heavy usage application such as Chrome, this application will be not prioritized and focus their work on game. I found this feature is working greatly for many people who have low specs computer or limited resource. Imagine if you only have 4GB RAM with everything running in the background. Killing each of app is not wise since we have to do it again and again. It’s not worth for the time.

According the interview that Kevin Gammeli on Rock Paper Shotgun, game mode is notable feature that found on Xbox One. Xbox One environment is pretty similar on what we see on the Windows, so they have the chance to bring it into this system. Their console is always prioritizing on game performance and put everything in the background in not active form.

I guess it really makes sense why performance in games that have Xbox Experience title is getting so much benefit from it. The result is difference when I tested other games from Origin and Steam. They are not getting any boost and performance is really similar.

What Game Mode Cannot Do

What Game Mode Cannot Do

You have to know that this mode is not a turbo button where it will boost the game in no time. in fact, the model only stabilize the system for more efficient Purpose. Bad for them because modern games nowadays all already so optimized in term of efficiency. As the result, we could not see any difference in term of quality or FPS.

It does not mean its feature is useless. Microsoft will continue to tweak it and we might see few differences in the future. It might just need some times before its ready.

How To Activate It?

The mode is automatically activated as soon as you run the game. Remember, the only working game is only that coming from Windows Store. The problem now is Windows Store is very awful on their service and that is not a big help for other majority games in service like Origin and Steam. Luckily, there is a way to activate it in standard game.

What you need do here is launching our game and then open Windows Game Bar Hotkey. Just press of Windows button + G for opening it. There, there will be a gear icon on the right side and then click it. On the General Setting selection, tick of Use Game Mode for this game selection and close it. That is what we have to do here. No extra configuration and option.

Final Thought

That is all information I know about it. I see the new feature is still not worth for now, but we might see any big changes in the next year. Well, what we can do now is just waiting and looking the differences. I just hope the information is useful for you. Thank you for reading our article and please leave any comment for assistance. At last, see you again next time.

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