How to Quickly Check If Our Computer Could Run The Game

I have to say that PC is becoming the top source of media entertainment. Here, we can do anything like watching movies, editing videos and even running a game. You basically only need a single device for doing everything. This is the main reason why people prefer to build a PC rather than buying of other devices. The price is cheaper since each part or component is upgradable. Just upgrade it as soon as you think it old enough and swap with the new one easily and fast.

Even though computer seems to be perfect place for playing games, run a game here is not that simple like we do on console. There, you only need to buy the game and just play it. But here, first you need to check the system requirement which is good or not for our system. You could not just force it since the performance is bad and it might break your component. Sometimes it’s tough for many people.

Luckily now, there are few good ways to know easily if a game is meeting the requirement or not. That is what we are going to talk about here. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Note For Integrated Graphic Users

I should make a big note here for users who are running any integrated Intel or AMD GPU because newer games seem to have some issues with these cards. I believe the reason is because the game is graphically intense and as the result the requirement is so high to handle.

Many onboard cards are found on laptop and notebook. Most of them are not specifically designed for gaming and only feature of low cost and performance CPU. Those kinds of notebook usually shipped with Intel with integrated card and not that much in performance.

Some of desktop PC’s are having the similar thing. The company does it in purpose to cut off the price. if you are having it right now, then you just have to buy a good GPU and your problem is solved. Intel’s and AMD’s onboard card are becoming better and better now, but sadly it’s not that enough to support most of AAA games now. My recommendation is stay away from it or upgrades the component. Those are two choices are available here.

Check The System Manually

I am going to cover the automatic method later, but now let’s focus on knowing how to check our hardware manually on this case. For this case, what basic information you need to know is the CPU speed, graphic card, and the amount of RAM. Other components such as audio and operating system is not making much different, so just focus on those cases.

The easiest way to find that detail is by using of an application. Speccy is great app to download and install. There are free and paid versions here, but the free version should be fine here. So, just install the application and see our system. It would show you every detail and use it as the comparable for the game you want to play.

Now it’s the right time to compare your specs and game. First, take a look at their system requirement. Just check the minimum requirement and forget the recommendation. Just check everything started from CPU into the GPU. Make sure on checking everything and do not try on playing game that does not meet the requirement.

Automatic Check

Automatic Check

There is an easier method if you do not want to deal with all those steps. Use of Can You Run It Website for the checking process. The website has been here for long time and it covers majority software from any company. The process itself is done in few minutes and easy to do.

First, install their System Requirement Lab Detection Desktop application and do the test. After the process is completed, go to the website and start searching any game you want in the search box. Then, just press the button and wait for the while.

The result will be shown in short and will tell you the details. They would tell you what to do if the specification is too high for your computer. Now you have the right tool installed into the system. You have nothing to worry right now because you know what to do. Just take your time on check everything and enjoy the process.

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