The Only Safe Way To Upgrade Our Hardware Drivers On Windows

When we talk about an operating system, then there should be two important matters here. The first one is probably the software and the second one is hardware. Each of them is having their work to do and both of them could be not separated. Hardware will never go fully into the performance without the right software. We could say that they need a support from another side. You probably ever see that your system is slowing down and feel lag, the main itself could be varied and software might be the culprit here.

This is the main reason why the companies make their own driver and provide an update regularly. They want to make it as optimize as possible. They create the right driver and then submit it to the Microsoft for some kind of testing. Here, everything is trough testing and they cannot just throw thing without doing any test.

Now, is it safe to update the driver regularly? That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk it further and see how to get it done correctly. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s jump into the article.

Should You Update The Drivers?

Should You Update The Drivers

Basically, updating driver is not that recommended especially when you do not get any right reason to do it. Newest update is not always coming with new thing and sometimes new bring new problem to the system. For example, I think that driver for SD card reader is already good enough for daily usage. Even if the manufactures provide us better version, I think it’s necessary since we just use it to read of memory card and not more.

There are some good reasons why we should update it. The most obvious reason is for gaming. In some rarely cases, some games need to make some adjustment to make it run in better performance. That optimization is impossible to do with our old software. The only way to fix that thing is only through of software enhancement.

If you think it as necessary, then do it from some of reliable sources. Forget about some utilities and just go into the individual website or let the Windows doing their job. It should be totally safe from any problem.

Updating From Windows Update

Updating From Windows Update

Microsoft is bringing new feature that we never see on Windows 7 or 8. Now, the system is able to find latest and specific drivers for our hardware. In Windows, 8 we ever see similar feature, but this one is totally different because Microsoft is being more aggressive here. It’s happened automatically and we do not have to spend our time pick it manually.

This method is probably the biggest solution for many users who are not too familiar with hardware. It prevents any serious problem because they pick it wrongly. This is why Microsoft decided to take this case into their new system.

Graphic Card Solution

Graphic Card Solution

For graphic drivers, there is another solution for this case. We basically can use of the control panel which is included on the basic software. Both AMD and Nvidia are having similar feature that let the app check it automatically and then make a proper upgrade.

Open your AMD’s Crimson Software or Nvidia Geforce Experience on this case and let them do the job. You can also go straight to their individual website, but we have to get it manually through the search. Finding the right one here is basically very simple as long as you follow their instruction. As soon as you get into their download session, they will ask you to enter the driver model and some information about it. Just enter the appropriate data and the search would be seen.

One not here, do it correctly and never ever pick the wrong one. Wrong driver usually fail to recognize and install through the system, but sometimes it’s automatically installed and might break our system. Just do it when you know what you are doing. For easier method, then let Windows taking care of it.

Final Thought

That is all I could say about it. Upgrading the software system is easy to do as long as we know what to do. There are easy and manual method which is having their pros and cons. Well, it backs on you on deciding which one is good or not. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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