Apple Macbook Pro 13” Z0UP1LL/A Review

Last year we have been surprised by newly and redesign of OLED Touch Bar from the Apple that promises so many great usability and improvement over the past. Sadly, the only thing that makes many people stay away is the usage of Intel 6TH gen processor that old enough at that time. This year, Apple seems to learn from its mistake and providing the consumers the latest version that faster on its rival on the Windows.

On this case, there are two versions were introduced: the first one is the 13 inch model and the second one is the 15 inch one. However, I decided to stick the 13 inch model since the 15 inch one is too bigger even though the design is actually really that slim and light. The price for the smaller one is also cheaper and you would expect some great things from the display and the powerful speakers. But, although the machine looks promising and great as the choice, the price is actually still quite expensive for its lack of ports.

Do you think the price is still worth for the specifications? Well, we are going to find it soon. That is what we are going to talk about it here. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Slim Design

The 2017 version is actually not that different in comparable with the last year version. If you are looking for big improvement on the design, then do not expect much good things from it. The company keeps the aluminum design that comes in the silver or space gray colors. The build quality is still amazing and I did not found any bad thing in term of quality.

The weight on this case is around 3 pounds with the thickness that only 0.6 inches. The laptop is still heavier with Dell XPS 13 and thicker than HP Spectre x360 that really amazing with its 0.5 inches thickness. Here, you still need to buy extra adapters since it still comes with only 3 thunderbolt ports and headphone jack. The dongle costs you for 19 dollars the last time I checked it and I still have to bring it anywhere for plugging my device. It’s tough and that the price for its slimmer design.

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Keyboard And Sounds Quality

Macbook Pro 13 2The keyboard is still becoming of Apple’s top selling point. Both keypad and backlit keyboard offer a solid experience. I could easily click for more than 70 words per minute in the 10fastfingers. com test. My average is actually 80 wpm and it’s slightly far behind. Guess, I just have to get used with it. The keys itself have only travel for 0.7 millimeters and means you are required to force of 74 grams power for making accurate typing.

As for sounds, the quality is kick out and easily making dance. The speakers’ power is able to filling the room like we are in the conference room. The sounds drowning loud and the bass quality is punchy. The vocal is also detail and strong on both of the speakers or headphone. This is probably one of the best one that I have ever seen in ultrabook.

Apple Macbook Pro 13Main Specs
CPU3.5 GHz Intel Core I5
GraphicsIntel Iris Plus 650
Display Size13-inch
Memory16GB DDR3 Memory
Storage256GB Flash Storage

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Performance That Worth For The Wait

The system features of Intel new gen processor that combined with 8 GB RAM that allows you to do some serious multitasking without any issue. I have not found any issue on moving from one application to another even though I streamed the 1080p video in the background. The performance is slightly behind from the 8th gen Coffee Lake, but the performance is still pretty good even for serious works.

More power means less battery life? Well, it’s totally wrong because the battery life lasts for 8 hours and 30 minutes and could go to 9 hours with any light task. The battery is not serious issue since the processor is not also powerful, but also efficient. If you think the battery is not enough, then you should get its big brother the 15 inch that will give you better battery.

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Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. So, is the new Macbook worth as the replacement? In term of the performance, then it should be yes. The system runs better in comparable with the previous version. If power is the one you are looking for, then you could make the way into it. The choice is back on you, so feel free to make option. I just hope the information is useful enough for the consideration. At last, thank you very much for reading the article and see you again next time.

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