Lenovo Flex 5 15 80XB000LUS Review – Premium And Flexibility In Affordable Price

The great design with great portability and flexibility usually always come in such an expensive price and would easily cost you for more than 1500 dollars, but here Lenovo is given us better choice with lot of performance in cheaper price. This is a huge deal since the price difference is really big here. We could save more, but getting a great laptop.

Now, I was given chance to review one of their line ups that comes with Intel I7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce 940MX. These great combinations offer the balance performance between the CPU and GPU. The Intel HD card is actually not something that great in handling graphic and it feels really nice to have this graphic card. The specification itself is already great, so what other thing that should be cut off for its performance? Well, you are going to find it soon.

That is what we are going to talk about here. We are going to talk about it further into its detail and see how it performs on some tasks. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.


The two tone design looks so simple, but elegant and impressive. It still looks attractive although it’s made from plastic and not aluminum. The lid is once again so simple with only Lenovo logo placed on the center. The material on the lid is coming from plastic, but that is not happened on the inside deck. The aluminum deck packs of island type keyboard that fits nicely with its 15 inch display. BTW, the screen has touch panel, so you would not mind to navigate through the system with your fingers.

The total weight for the machine is around 6.55 pounds with the dimension at 14.3 x 9.7 x 0.8 inches and coming with very standard ports. Yeah, there are only few standards and does not that bad actually. You could still find single USB 3.0 ports on the left and right sides while accompany by another ports such as USB type-C, HDMI, Kensington lock, and SD card slot. At least, we have two USB ports available for moving the data at the same time.

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Display And Keyboard

Flex 5 15 3The 1920 x 1080 resolution offers a rich color, but for some reasons appeared as darker than any machine that I have tested on this price range. You probably need to adjust the screen brightness a little bit when you are planning to use it outside, but it’s actually not that bad on indoor usage. I have tried to do the test to know the screen brightness and found that it only produce of 73 percent gamut color and 240 nits of brightness.

The keyboard is probably where the price is talking here. The 1.3 millimeter for distant keys are not enough for majority of users. We require of around 70 grams of pressure to press the button and the feedback is not clicky and great. I could still type faster on my average, but got the errors accuracy are increasing here. Still, not much complain is given since the price is already cheap.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:05:22

Lenovo Flex 5 15Main Specs
CPUIntel 7th Gen I7-7500U 2.7 GHZ
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 940MX
Display Size15.6-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB DDR Memory
Storage256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

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Software And Battery

The I7 processor that runs in the Windows 10 operating system is giving a very nice experience. It works nicely without having any issue on handling multiple tasks at the same time. The software comes with few junks or bloatware, but too annoying since we can just delete it from the Control Panel. The performance is that great and I was quite surprise with the result. Running AAA games are still not enjoyable, but editing the photo in Photoshop runs flawlessly.

The performance is great, but what about the battery life. Having a full day at office or school is an easy matter here. The battery lasts for 8 hours and 30 minutes during my test. I tested it by browsing and editing documents while connecting to the WIFI all the time. Bringing the charger is not necessary anymore and you are freely to do anything in great duration.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:05:22
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Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. Flex 5 is appeared to be nice and attractive choice for the consumers. The dim display is not a big issue and this problem is paid off on the other sectors like battery and power. If you are still searching for good laptop, then why not pick this one. The choice is still yours, so make any choice you want. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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