Apple New Macbook Air 13” MQD32LL/A Review – Still Recommended in The 2017?

You probably do not notice that Apple has just upgraded the Macbook Air with few nice upgrades in the 2017. Now, the machine is little better in performance and comes with Intel I5 processor that the clock boost from 1.6 GHZ to the 1.8 GHZ. Then, there are few other sectors that also got minor improvements that really nice to see about. This machine has been here for few years and now it’s really show the ages. It still features a normal USB 3.0 ports and means you have not to carry an buy dongles all the around.

If you are finding yourself need to buy a Mac, and then this should be good choice since the choice is so affordable. The good keyboard is still there and we could expect a smooth typing from it. I guess you probably want to hear more from it.

That is the reason I prepare a review here. We are going to talk about it further on this article and see how it looks and performs. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.


The design is still coming with unibody aluminum chassis that we first got in the early of the 2000. At that time, it looks pretty nice and there is no other product was able to do defeat it in term of design. Now, they are already so make companies try the same thing and even do it better with slighter and slimmer design.

The body weight is still measured with 3.0 pounds with the thickness for 0.7 inches. The thickness and weight is far from any modern machines like Acer Swift 7 that has 0.4 inches thickness or ASUS Zenbook UX3000UA with 0.5 inches thickness. The package might be still old, but you are not getting any problem on the build quality because both of the exterior and interior are so solid and rugged. I guess this is one of the best points we can expect from it.

As for connectivity, I guess people should like it. It features of dual USB 3.O ports that were split to the both sides. The other connectors such as card reader was placed on right alongside with thunderbolt port while on the left side there are only charging and audio ports. You are freely to live without USB dongle for now.

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Display And Audio

Macbook Air 2The display has 1440 x 900 resolution in the 13 inch. The images qualities are not that great and lack of vibrant colors. I just hope the company manages to pull it into full HD, but this is what they did to cut the price. The color production is not great with it produces the scores for around 71 percent on my test. I am still able to enjoy my Netflix series without any problem, but do not try to compare it with other machines.

Now, let’s talk about the audio. The audio surprisingly is still promising in my opinion. The bass power is blasting and the vocal clarity is also clear. You could easily fill a medium conference room with its maximum volume. Yeah, this is the sounds that we always expect from a Macbook.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:05:36

Apple Macbook Air 13”Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I5 1.8 GHZ
GraphicsIntel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
Memory8GB DDR3 Memory
Storage128GB Flash Memory

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Keyboard Is Still The Best

The keyboard performance is really smooth and offers a nice experience on typing. I can easily type for more than 80 words per minute without too many errors. The errors itself are below 2 percent and very promising for long usage. The keys have travel distant for 1.4 millimeters and require making a force for 70 grams in order to press it.

The performance itself is slightly better with its brother the Pro. The Pro has a bit shallower keyboard that nice at few hours, but then I started to get my finger hurts after few hours. The same thing is not happened to me and I was quite surprise to find it. If you are planning for buying a laptop for typing or doing your work, then this one should be perfect for all that job.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 16:05:36
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Final Thought

Those are information I know about it. The laptop is considered as old in the 2017, but it still us one of the best keyboard that we have seen before. The normal USB port is also there and no necessarily to bring of the converter anywhere we go. The choice is still yours, so feel free to make the decision for this case. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again.

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