HP Envy 13T Review – Versatile And Premium Mid-Range Laptop

The HP Envy 14T proves that the users do not need spend that much in order to get of stylish, lightweight, and portable laptop. For just under 1500 dollars, the system is packed with Intel Core I7 8550U, 4K display, all around metal chassis, and strong battery life. The thing just not stopped there because the system also featuring one of the best keyboards to find on the market right now. There are so many great choices out there, but the Envy overall offers great value to the consumers. I think it’s hard for us not to get tempted by it.

The biggest selling to find here probably is located on its design that really worth to take look. The system is actually not that perfect and we might find the part where the price is talking here. I guess its worth for us to take look into it further and see how it turns out to be. That is what we are going to talk about here. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Design Impression

I have to say that we have seen so many silver devices outside there, but still the 13T adds their own original touch that makes it different to other. The entire system is covered by matte aluminum construction and featuring of small incline that covering all around of its aluminum hinge. There is not much detail to find here and the only thing to expect here is he HP logo that placed at the center of lid. I am so impressed on what the company has done here. The look is so impressive and not cheaply made at all. I guess this is one of their ways to get as much of consumers as they could.

When you open the lid, you soon notice an aluminum deck that reminds of Macbook Pro. I think I prefer to have this one because the silver keys really match its entire design while Apple decides to add of black keys rather than continuing its outside scheme. The side bezel surrounded the display is quite slim although still not comparable as we get on Dell XPS that is on different level here. With 13 inch display, the device is still easy to carry around on your small backpack. The portability might be the main reason for you to take it.

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Display And Input Devices

HP Envy 13T 2 The 13 inch display and 3840 X 2160 resolution is something that hard to find on this price range. For some reasons HP manages to fit without making any compromise. The 4K touchscreen panel looks pretty decent with totally bright and crisp images. Streaming the Avenger Infinity War trailer looks wonderful as I can see every detail colors from their costume. On further test, I did found that the display produced around 106 percent of SRGB color which is great for the price. The viewing angle is also very wide here and seeing it from different direction totally worth to try here.

The keyboard is the huge selling point here and should make happy of student and business users. HP once again proves that getting world class experience on slim system is possible. The keyboard might have decent travel distant with 1.2 mm, but it actually offers of smooth and snappy responsive feel into our hands. The keys are tactile, responsive, and making me able to type for around 100 words per minute. The backlit support is back here and means typing on darker environment is a not an issue at all.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:58:13

HP Envy 13TMain Specs
CPU Intel Core I7-8550U 1.8 GHZ
Graphics NVIDIA 150MX
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory16GB DDR Memory
Storage 512GB SSD

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Performance And Graphic

The Intel Core I7 8550U, 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD are beast here. Just throw anything you want and the system would take it easily. For the first time in these two years, Intel finally making progress with their Core processor on its Coffee Lake lineup. Now the processor is much better and having lower power consumption thanks to the smaller fabrication during the production. Here, I have not seen any lag so far during my test with light and demanding task like browsing, editing photo, and rendering video. The performance is smooth like butter and pretty dependable for all kind of situation.

Its discrete graphic is giving the same impression here. The NVIDIA 150MX is faster and more reliable than Intel HD card. The graphic card is the simpler version of GTX 1050, so we can expect of some performance here. It renders video and photo so fast and I think the graphic card is good enough for photographer or users graphic designer that demand more power from their system. I could even playing E-Sport games like Overwatch and Rocket league that prove the performance is really wise and dependable here. Well, make sure to take look into it and proves its amazing.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:58:13
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Final Thought

The Envy is a great system for students and business workers that need their work done in reliable and faster way. It features of great power on the inside and should take anything you want. The design is once again one of the huge pros here and carrying it around will never make you shame at all. 13 inch display, long battery life, and wonderful display could be your consideration for getting it. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration here. I just hope the information is useful for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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