LG Gram 13 13Z980 Review – Better Features On Its Superlight Design

LG has just refreshed of its LG Gram variant which comes in two different variants including the 13 inch model and 15.6 inch model. Both of them are having significant improvement over the performance with Intel’s new gen processor. The Core I7 8250U processor is truly impressive with 1.6 GHz clock rate and quad core CPU. This spec is later combined with 8GB RAM, and 256GB of SSD. The battery life is also getting improvement here that company promises this system should last for a day straight without need for a charge.

It got so many improvements on its hardware sector, but for some reasons the still keeping their old similar design without have any big differences. I guess if there is nothing wrong with it, they would not bother to replace it. With its so many changes, I think its worth for us to find out how it turns to be. That is what we are going to talk about it. We are going to talk about it further on this article. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s we jump into the article.

Design First Look

Similar like they did last year, they build its construction from CNC aluminum material that looks great and feels durable. The main reason why the weight is so light is because of this material. This aluminum construction is then covered with white silver finishing touch that adds of premium feel into its packaging. Still, it will never look so shinny and premium like you see on Macbook or Dell XPS because of their material selection. As return, you can expect of very light and durable chassis that should hold to your outdoor activity. With its hardware and 13 inch screen, the system only weight for around 965 gram or less than 1 KG. This is so impressive and should be considered as the lightest laptop available right now.

Despite of its lightweight, the company says their products have completely passed of MIL STD 810 durability test that included of drop, temperature, and pressure tests. The build quality is not a problem here because we know that magnesium alloy and nano carbon are high grade materials. They manage to cut down its weight, but still not giving any compromising to the integrity and strength. If you are looking for portable device for your travel companion, then you find a great choice here.

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Specifications And Features

LG Gram 13 13Z980 2 The Gram 3 features of Intel I5 8th gen 8250U processor that finally having a big improvement in term of performance. We probably know there are not any big difference between Sky Lake and Kaby Lake and they pay of this mistake by making of Kaby Lake R as a completely different processor. Their Core I5 variant is no longer dual core, quad core for right now. You soon find four cores CPU that each of them has 1.6 GHz clock rate. Although the clock rate is lower here, but it still featuring better performance in term of single thread and dual thread activities.

For accompanying your work in daily activity, LG provides of 13 inch display with 1080p resolution as the way to show its content. The full HD display produces high and broad gamut colors and it looks fantastic on streaming and watching movies. Their smartphones are so famous with their IPS or OLED screen and they bring their quality over this laptop. Sadly the display is not packed with touchscreen panel and sometimes I missed of swiping to my system with my hands. Since this is not a convertible device, I think this case is not a big problem to consider.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:58:31

LG Gram 13Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I5-8250U 1.6 GHZ
Graphics Intel Integrated Graphic Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage256GB SSD

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Hardware Performance

I manage to do anything starting from light activity to the demanding activity here. The 8GB RAM is big enough to take of 25 tabs on Chrome without making any lag or stuttering. The 256GB SSD itself is dependable for storing your important data and it’s incredibly fast. The booting system only takes around seconds until the lockscreen is popup and welcomes you. Both of RAM and storage are upgradable here although opening its back cover is not easy to do. I have to remove some parts in order to the storage and memory slot on the inside. With this default setting, the specs are more than enough and upgrading is only additional here.

As for battery life, I think you should be happy here. The 74Wh battery is amazing and last forever on my test. LG says that it will last for up to 22 hours, but I find out it only lasts for 15 to 18 hours depending on our usage. Still, 18 hours is an amazing result with all of stuff and so much power on the inside. I just can leave my charger around and use it for a day straight without need to plug it into the charger. This is my most favorite features to have here and I recommend taking look into it.

Last price update: 2021-01-04 15:58:31
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Final Thought

The Gram 13 is a huge deal for business and busy users that always need to connect into their laptop. The product promises you a solid up to 15 hours of battery life in single charge. Never ever get bothered anymore by lower productivity because you always have to charge it for over and over again. The design itself is not that beauty in comparable with similar devices, but this problem would be covered by all of its amazing stuff. The choice itself is still yours, so feel free to take any consideration here. I just hope the information is good enough for you on making decision.

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