ASUS Chromebook C302CA Review – A Premium Convertible Chromebook

Many people always though that Chromebook is a cheap and low end devices here, but the case is not always true here. The system also has few notable expensive products like Google Pixel Book which is expensive for 1000 dollars. Here, we will not talk about that machine, but here we are going to take look into the ASUS C302CA. It features many things that always available on Windows and not Chromebook like premium design, 360 degree hinge system, and solid performance. As the design itself, it looks really well made with aluminum material covered all around its body. The performance is also wise here, as it has Intel M5 mobile processor.

ASUS seems want to do something different here, and they really make it very well with all of stuff. The product is available for not more than 700 dollars and you would be promised with an enjoyment and lot of things to considered. If you are kind of person, who enjoys browsing, editing document, and doing some light stuff on your computer, this can be a perfect choice for you. So, let’s take a look inside and find how it works on us.

All in One Design

The C302CA Flip is mainly designed from tough aluminum material and seeing it closely will remind you of Macbook here. Anyone can be fooled here, but they soon notice it’s not when they seeing the ASUS logo placed here. One thing I really love here his portability. The 360 degree hinge system is solid and allowing you to transform it into multiple purposes included the tablet for reading mode, the tent for streaming mode, and the stand mode itself for working. The weight itself is typical of this machine as they feel light and portable. It is weight for only 2.6 pounds with thickness measuring at 0.6 inches. Throwing it into your small bag should be not an issue here.

The device is rechargeable through different two options here via the USB type-C port or through the manual connector here. The USB-C port is not only capable for transferring the data, but also usable for charging the battery. It feels great to have modern connectivity, but I also hope the company should more USB 3.0 ports here as the users end up on buying an adapter for connecting their old devices. Buying an adapter is must on your list here, if you want to plug many things here.

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Full HD Touchscreen Display

ASUS Chromebook C302CA 2 Another worth thing mentioning here is the display. The 12.5 inch display is surprisingly equipped with 1920 x 1080 resolution that offers of crisp and accurate images. The color accuracy is relatively accurate here as it produces 76 percent of SRGB color according to the Colorimeter. 70 percent is amazing for this price range as many of products offer worse than this case. The brightness here is very bright here with 292 nits and won’t force you to move the brightness sliding during outdoor usage. Acer and Lenovo offers the similar features at similar prices here, but of course with poor display option.

If you do not want to navigate with its touchscreen, then you might want to try the input devices here. The keyboard is totally okay here as it has 1.6 mm key travel which is not short and 50 grams of punctuation force. The keys are solid and give of comfortable pressure, but I think it’s not clicky enough as 50 grams punctuation force is lower than any standard now. Well, it’s back to our taste as many users prefer to have lower punctuation force that does not force them to put so much power on pressing the each button. What I can say here, the keyboard is solid for supporting your productivity.

Last price update: 2019-06-01 11:54:55

ASUS Chromebook C302CAMain Specs
CPU Intel Core M5-6Y54 1.1 GHz Clock
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card 515
Display Size12.5-inch
OSChrome OS
Memory4GB DDR3 Memory
Storage64GB EMMC

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Operating System and Performance

The system is running of Chrome OS which is based on Linux here. Installing of application here is depended on Chrome Web Store that as for now still promising fewer applications than Windows. The Android application support is available right now, but still not all of software is running perfectly here. Luckily, majority important applications like browser and office run so well here thanks to the Intel M5 processor. The M5 is actually a lower processor than I series, but keep in mind that Chrome OS is so optimized even for low end hardware and that is why the performance is not an issue here.

With 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, I never find any issue on performance. I even tried to run 15 tabs on Chrome and there is no such a performance drop or sluggish during my test here. 4GB RAM is capable enough to run many things at the same time moreover with low specifications requirement from the application. The operating system is not just crowded with millions of software like Windows has. For users with light activities to do, this is not a big problem here.

Last price update: 2019-06-01 11:54:55
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Final Thought

Is it a nice idea to have a Chromebook in 2018? The answer is yes and no depending on your purposes. Like I said before, Chrome system is getting lack of support from developer, but it promises of minimalist and fully safe system. This is probably not kind of OS that is suitable for graphic designer or professional usage because their applications are not available here. Just think of your priority and you soon know what the best for you. Be sure to check our other articles and see you again next time.

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