HP Spectre 13 Review – A Much Slimmer and More Powerful Laptop

I have reviewed the HP Spectre 13 that powered by Intel Core I7 8550U for couple of months and now we finally seeing its true successors that sports more performance and relatively new design. Yeah, HP does not only put new hardware here, but they also revamp the design with narrower edges and bezels. The cooling system is now better here and you might never find the fan goes crazily during the heavy usage. By seeing all of these improvements, I think HP finally listens to their consumers and putting much better things right now, but keeping the price at the same range.

There are so many new worthy things to check here included the bigger battery capacity that should give better productivity and the new display which interesting to test here. The competitors like Lenovo Yoga 730 will find tough a competitor here. I think its worth for us to take look inside and see how it works on us. That is what we are going to talk about here. Hope the improvement will turn into a nice deal here. Without further ado, let’s we jump into the article.

Design and Connectivity

The new design looks pretty great and neat here. The case shape for some reasons is now more straight lined and angular than its last generation. This nice treatment is not happened only at outside, but also inside. You can check the area around the keyboard is different and losing their soft touches. For this review, I get the ceramic white version which looks totally clean and simple. If you do not prefer of this variant, the dark ash version is still available here although finding it quite bit hard here since most users put their interest at this color variant. In term of quality, the entire chassis is created from carbon fiber and aluminum.

The last worth mentioning here is the build quality. The case is better in warp resistant and I think the flex is so minimal here. The same thing goes to its hinge system that more flexible and durable. Unfortunately, the viewing angle is limited to 120 degree where putting it into 180 degree would be much better here. As for the connectivity, we have of three USB type-C ports which two of them are Thunderbolt 3 and single of them are USB type-C generation 1 that used for charging. The standard port is completely missing, but thankfully HP is wise enough to include of USB adapter here.

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Inputs and Display

HP Spectre 13 2 The fully backlit keyboard is introduced here and offering a very nice experience on typing. Some of keys appeared to be quite small, but does not destroy the overall experience here. The keys are very easy to read even without turning on the backlit. The backlit support is only having a turning on and off method and users cannot just regulate it depending on our needs. The overall experience is great and should be perfect for professional or regular usage. As for the touchpad, the size itself is 15 percent larger and fully supported by Windows 10 gesture. The clickpad is completely missing, but still has the dedicated keys at the bottom.

Moving into its display, the 13 inch IPS display is coming with 1920 x 1080p panel and looks pretty sharp. The brightness level is very average, but thankfully the color accuracy and black level are measured as great. It produces of 91 percent for SRGB color and getting 287 nits for brightness. The brightness is the only my biggest complaint here the Spectre 360 series does not suffer of this problem. I recommend you to check it further and see how it performs on you.

Last price update: 2020-01-29 18:28:37

HP Spectre 13 2LU84UAMain Specs
CPU Intel Core I7-8550U 1.8 GHz
Graphics Intel HD Integrated Card
Display Size13.3-inch
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 256GB SSD

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Performance and Battery

The system here is entirely powered by Intel I7 8550U processor that coming from 8th generation series. The processor features of quad core CPU and clocked at 1.8 GHz clock rate. The clock rate is relatively lower than the 7th generation I7, but thanks to additional cores, the performance in multi-tasking work like video rendering is much better. I have to say that I love this processor because it manages to produce good amount of power in only 15 TDP watts. The power itself is sufficient enough for doing Photoshop and running 1080p video rendering. This is a perfect machine for working.

As the result of bigger battery capacity, the battery life result is better than last year. For most all of time, I always get of 9 to 10 hours of battery usage on doing browsing, editing document, and streaming movies. Sadly, HP cannot fit battery bigger than 43 Wh because the chassis is thick enough here. I guess the users will do not mind of having thicker machine, but carrying bigger battery. But, the choice is still depending on users here. Thankfully, the USB type-C here is allowing portable charging through power bank or battery pack.

Last price update: 2020-01-29 18:28:37
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Final Thought

The Spectre 13 is an overall complete upgrade for its previous generation. The design is revamped and the performance is also upgraded here. Sadly, the reflective and low brightness screen is being big problem for many users. For the price range, I think HP should add better display here. If you do not mind with this kind of problem, then the device is perfect for you. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration here. I just hope the information is good enough for you. At last, thank you for reading the article and see you again next time.

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