MSI GL63 8RC 069 (GTX 1050, Full HD) Gaming Laptop Review

The GL series supposed to be the cheapest line up that user could afford right now from MSI. Difference from GT or GE series, you can expect of low entry hardware specification due its cheap budget. Last year, the MSI GL62 got so much praises from users mainly because it’s hardware quality. Now, MSI is finally making an upgrade over their most popular devices, but sadly the GPU performance remaining similar although the CPU takes a step to new level. The manufacture still puts of GTX 1050 rather than upgrading it to 1060. I guess it’s just impossible for them to do it since there is a huge budget limitation here.

For under 1000 dollars, you really have a nice deal in comparable with most devices you find at similar price. The only competitor it has now is basically the Acer Nitro 5 2018 that received of so many complaints for its cheap design and low quality screen. I just hope the same thing would not happen and could be a better deal. Today, we are going to talk about it further on this article and see how it goes on maintaining the quality over its budget.

Design Impression

The chassis is bit revamped by MSI as their seriously wants to steal wider audience this time. They add more subtle and varied accent which accompanied by red colors all over its chassis. The biggest thing I notice here is located on its DVD drive. The optical drive is fully removable and should give more room for hot air to breath. If you prefer to have better temperature, then removing the optical drive is necessary here. Beside than those changes above, I am not seeing anything different and the design itself is pretty similar like they did in last generation. In term of quality, the plastic chassis shows its quality here and I really hope the build quality could be better.

The centre area around the keyboard warped easily especially when you push it with great amount of power. It takes time for the chassis to get into its position after this happened. Okay, this is not a big problem and similarly happened with its competitors, but one thing they should improve here is the finishing. The surface becomes a fingerprint magnet easily and considered as hard for cleaning it. Seeing of matte finishing or brushed aluminum surface will be so much better at this case.

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Display and Connectivity

MSI GL63 8RC 069 2 The biggest drop in term of quality is very noticeable at its display. The 15 inch IPS panel covers of really low color accuracy. The brightness is then also being a problem and won’t be really suitable for outdoor usage. It covers of 60 % SRGB color and producing of 258 nits of brightness. The quality we have here is basically similarly found in Dell G3 2018 or Gigabyte Sabre 15 since all of them are using similar screen model. Interestingly, MSI adds of matte panel than of glossy panel and far from being reflective to light. Well, we really get of what we pay for the price.

As for the connectivity, all of ports are carried or provided for except the Thunderbolt 3 port. There are total of three USB 3.0 ports and a single USB type-C port which accompanied by HDMI, RJ45, SD card reader, mini display port, headphone jack, and Kensington lock. Once again, seeing of Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is impossible, but in my opinion can be a live saver for budget users since they can just connect their external GPU rather than buying of new laptop that costs lot of money here.

Last price update: 2020-01-29 18:25:29

MSI GL63 8RC 069Main Specs
CPU Intel Core I5-8300H 2.3 To 4.0 GHz
Graphics NVIDIA GTX 1050
Display Size15.6-inch IPS
OSWindows 10 Home
Memory 8GB DDR4 Memory
Storage 256GB M.2 SSD (HDD Slot Available)

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Gaming and Multimedia Performance

As for doing light activity like browsing and editing document, the Intel I5 8300H and GTX 1050 are considered as an impressive companion due its amazing performance. I never see any lag or stuttering moreover with SSD storage fits on inside. The booting time itself takes only few seconds until users see its lockscreen. The I5 8300H processor used here is basically the last year Core I7 7700HQ because both of them have similar performance result in my Cinebench test. I am fully satisfied on seeing a big upgrade from Intel since they do not really much doing anything until AMD finally dropped their Ryzen CPU.

The similar impression found on gaming performance as many games run in high setting and some of them are playable in medium setting. Overwatch and CS GO feature a quite low specification and for this case they run at highest setting up to 60 FPS. Different case found in newer games like Far Cry 5 and Assassin Creed Origin. Setting it to high setting is possible, but once again I notice of huge FPS drop there and there during the gameplay. Keep in mind, the medium setting is crisp and detail enough to enjoy. Just go with GTX 1060 if you look for highest level here.

Last price update: 2020-01-29 18:25:29
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Final Thought

The MSI GL63 provides everything you need for enjoying your games in your break time. The new hardware shows a good improvement over their previous generation and it’s even more impressive when seeing of the temperature issue is finally fixed here. They add of better cooling solution and more ventilation which becoming a really nice idea here. Still, with all of upgrade found here you might find better alternative like Acer Nitro 5 that offers better overall experience here. The choice is yours, so feel free to take any consideration about it. For seeing alternative and comparison, feel free to check our latest article.

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